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Influence Map by rosalarian Influence Map by rosalarian
It had to happen at some point.

1: Aubrey Beardsley. Beautiful, beautiful black and white drawings, with all those tiny little details, embellishments, and patterns that I love so well.

2: The Mighty Boosh: Besides the fact that this show is surreal and ridiculous, the actual look of the show, especially by season 3, is very colorful and fun, and it incorporates lots of animation.

3: Yoshitaka Amano: Ever since I saw his work in Neil Gaiman's "The Dream Hunters" book, I have loved this guy's work. So dark and delicate at the same time.

4: Naomi Nowak: I found her comics a few years ago, and they're gorgeous! Lots of wonderful watercolors and dreamy atmospheres.

5: Alphonse Mucha: What can I say? I love art nouveau, and Mucha is one of the best.

6: Jamie Hewlett: I love how he switches up art styles in Tank Girl, sometimes doing these really gorgeous colored pencil pages. And everything is so… rude! In the best way.

7: Gustav Klimt: I like how everything shines, and he uses abstract shapes and colors floating around the figures.

8: Sam Keith: The Maxx was fantastic, but Zero Girl is my favorite. So many art styles in here, but they flow together great.

9: Dave McKean: Cages was the first comic I read that did drastic art style changes, and I knew I had to do that someday. I don't actually remember the story, but the art will stay with me forever.

10: Daniel Clowes: Angry teenage girls who dress in weird clothing. This was me (though I was never very angry) and so much of YU+ME.

11: Dame Darcy: Taught me that perfect anatomy can go screw itself and exaggerated poses could be awesome. Incorporates embellishments like Beardsley, but in a more sketchy way.

12: Old comic/novel covers from the 40's-60's: Sexy woman, painterly style.

13: Roy Lichtenstein: He's less of an influence than he used to be, but Lesbian Pirates volume 1 was heavily influenced by his halftone stylings.
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SP85 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010   Digital Artist
ha, no wonder I love your comics then... I LOVE me some Ghost World ^__^
emstheunitaur Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
I am so in love with 2,3,5, and 7 as well! I can actually see the influence in Lesbian Pirates and the later chapters of Yu+ME. I can't wait for Meaty Yogurt to start up. Keep up the awesomeness! :D
TenorSaxLolita Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Alphonse Mucha and Ghost World were big inspirations to me too. :3
fishgul69 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yay for art neuveau(I can never spell this word). I love Klimt. I'm gonna try to do this. but tell me, how can you do this without photoshop or a similar program?
rosalarian Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not entirely sure. You might just have to make it from scratch.
fishgul69 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kanarshfagoth Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
I like how I looked at your map and immediately recognized 3 and 9 only because I have an unhealthy obsession with Neil Gaiman.
aliceazzo Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh, interesting...I love your stuff so I may have to seek out more info on some of these. I do love this meme, it always leads in unexpected directions.

And Mucha's on mine too! :)
ShovelDuct Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
Beardsley, Hewlett, McKean. You have excellent tastes~
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